ægte is a modest start by “Rupali Sharma” an energetic and driven women entrepreneur who has envisioned a brand that delivers top quality and authentic products. ægte is a Danish word that means authentic. Her small yet dedicated team is the driving force behind the success story of ægte.

Focused on common vision of harnessing the power of natural ingredients to bring out the real you from inside. Our formulations expertly combine powerful actives and natural ingredients that addresses all your skin and hair health.

Today our skin and hair are breathing pollutants and harmful chemicals and only mother nature’s ingredients can offer safe, gentle yet a truly effective treatment. Our first product solves the perennial issue that our hair face “Hair Fall” and with the changes in our lifestyle and amount of pollution its alarmingly increasing. We have used the mother nature’s best extracts that will breath life back into your falling hair and help in hair regrowth.

Our team is constantly looking to solve the perennial skin and hair problems and will be adding more products to pamper your skin and hair.

Sakshi Negi

Constant stress at work was causing hair thinning and hair fall. I first heard about Aegte Onion Oil from one of my friend and ever since I have started using it I have seen a visible change. Thanks to Aegte I have regained my confidence

Nandita Arya

I’m a housewife and while handling the responsibilities of family and kids I found very little time to look after myself and with hair thinning I was really getting worried. But Aegte Onion Oil not only stopped hair thinning but helped in the regrowth also.

Chandan Singh

Constant travel and odd working hours had started taking toll on me and early baldness was a sign of real worry. Aegte Onion Oil not only stopped hair fall but also enhanced regrowth. Really happy that my friend recommended this oil to me.

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